• 14er Festival 2016

  • Adams City Middle School meets Washington D.C.

  • Student receiving $20,000 scholarship from Adams 14 Education Foundation

  • Adams City High School Senior Homecoming

  • Adams City High Mariachi band

Mini Grants

Adams 14 Education Foundation Mini-Grants

One of the Foundation’s most popular programs, these mini-grants provide funding, from $300 to $1,000, for Adams 14 staff wishing to implement “creative approaches to enhance student achievement.” In SY 2016-17, we funded 17 projects that served over 3,500 students. Most of these projects were sustainable—i.e., the funds provided for supplies that could be used in subsequent school years.


Past Recipients

Teacher Program School
Velazquez Attendance Matters ESS/Truancy
Tillion Cal Wod Ed Center Monaco/ 5th grade
Green One Million Minute Reading Monaco/Reading Intervention
Bernhard TIME for kids Kemp/4th grade
Gilmore Phyical Ed Kearney/6-8th grade
Keating Differentiated Literature Circles Alsup/3rd Grade
Johnson Active Physics ACHS/9th grade
Stradiot Autism Learning Lab Alsup/k-5
Hicks Incredible Years Parent Group ESS/preschool/prekinder
Whitehead Brining writing to life/IPADs Hanson/1st grade
Glusky Culturally and Linguistically Competent Readalouds Dupont/2nd grade
Schmidt Electronics Modular Station Addition ACMS/678 grades
Wasinger Educational Games for Language,Literacy and Math Kemp/4th grade
Guardiola Senior Lock in Lester Arnold/12 grade
Dyer Kindle Purchase Project Hanson/media
Schulte Makey Kakey Kemp/5th grade
Schulte Scholastic Kemp/5th grade
Stokley Read-A-Long Listening Library Hansen/1st grade& Kindergarten
Armenta Science Buddies Project Kits Kemp/ 5th grade
Guardiola Senior Lock in ACHS/12th grade