• 14er Festival 2016

  • Adams City Middle School meets Washington D.C.

  • Student receiving $20,000 scholarship from Adams 14 Education Foundation

  • Adams City High School Senior Homecoming

  • Adams City High Mariachi band

About Us

The Adams 14 Education Foundation was formed in 1996 to address significant K-12 educational challenges. The Adams 14 Education Foundation, a 501(c) 3 corporation, was created by a small group of concerned local businesses and education professionals, to improve literacy among the students in Adams County School District 14 (Adams 14).

The Foundation’s mission and purpose is to enhance the quality of education in Adams 14, by raising and distributing money to fund programs that support literacy, student achievement and expanded learning opportunities for all students. The majority of the District’s students are economically disadvantaged, and the Foundation helps address the needs of students and their families that are not met by the school District’s regular operating budget. Since its inception, the Foundation has raised approximately $2 million to support education and literacy programs.

Our Vision, Mission and Values


The Adams 14 community is thriving, well-educated, engaged, and enjoying a high quality of life.


To enhance the quality of education and provide expanded learning opportunities to foster the lifelong success of Adams 14 students.