• 14er Festival 2016

  • Adams City Middle School meets Washington D.C.

  • Student receiving $20,000 scholarship from Adams 14 Education Foundation

  • Adams City High School Senior Homecoming

  • Adams City High Mariachi band

Summer Melt

So many of our students underestimate their potential! They fill out the forms to attend college only to satisfy a teacher, counselor or family member but do not understand that once accepted at the institution, opportunity’s door just opened. Because of limited resources, these students fall between the cracks called “Summer Melt”. Adams 14 Foundation and School district have a goal to help ensure that our students have that crack filled in with support and knowledge from acceptance to enrollment. The demographics of our school, 83% Hispanic, reflect that our primary focus will be to work with the Latinos.

The process will include identification of the Latino students, creation of processes that will work with the students prior to graduation and post graduation and finally track and assist students to begin post secondary schooling in August of 2015.

Throughout the year our counselors and teachers work with our students. We will work with these individuals to create the database of students to track. These students will be communicated with explaining the goal of the project and invite them to work with the team to ensure enrollment for the fall of 2015.

As they are identified we will used the dollars awarded to create tracking mechanisms to support the students. This will include working directly and indirectly with the student through counselors and teachers. We hope to also develop a parent network of support from the district level. Sometimes one of the most difficult hurdles to overcome is keeping family support. We will also identify the schools that our students are attending and work with institutions to help our student remain interested and committed to continue through the process of full enrollment, class schedules, etc.

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